Recently completed sites…

Angela Romano Financial Planning


Croydon Park Tutoring


More work…

Good Foundations Building

Andrew and Nicole needed sites for both their building and pool companies...

Infinity Pools


Get Zoned

This is my own site, now I just have to work on the content...

Realm Constructions

"AWESOME! Thanks Max we are very happy with the site. Exactly what we had envisaged!"

Dream Clarity

Online dream analysis.

A one page scrolling site with some jQuery animations.

Yoga Within

A yoga studio with extra health advice.

My first attempt was too colourful and busy for Susan but our second try was just how she had imagined her site would be so she's very happy with it.

On Denhams

Luxury holiday accomodation on the South Coast.

Built with Wordpress and including an availability calendar that Julie can easily keep up to date herself.


A charitable organisation.

This site has full page background images that fade into each other. It uses AJAX to load new page content without refreshing the browser so the images stay in sequence.

Lunge Yoga

It took us a few goes before Louisa was completely happy with her site. Previous versions were functional and visitors were happy but we kept trying till if felt just right to Lousia.

Yoga for Surfers

This is a second separate site for Lunge Studio focusing on their Yoga for Surfers classes. Unfortunately that's not me on the wave.

South Coast Music Society

Between you and me I took that photo on the north coast, but it works well on their site.

St Cecilia

A basic site to provide information and gain support.


These brothers want their site to reflect their nomadic and free lifestyle. It features Flash menus and slideshows, audio, video, and many different page styles.

Originally they just meant to entertain and inspire but now they've sold out and want to sell tens of tshirts and books so it will be challenging to attract new customers as the site isn't optimised for sales.

English Walk and Talk

An informative business site for a Canadian living in Japan.

Jeff needs a bilingual site so there's two versions of every page.

A site upgrade…

James Hurt Building and Construction

Hover for old site     Hover for old site

James had a site that need an overhaul – we widened it, improved the menu, added some colour and nice new photos and it made a big difference.

I also created a newsletter template to match the site.

Simple brochure sites…

Green Square Tax

Garden Funktion

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