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Wondering about domain names, hosting, or email addresses? It’s all below…

Domain names

Your domain name is your address on the internet. Something easy to spell and say and remember is best, totally unlike Check if yours is available at or or

I can register it or you can

It’s best if you register your own domain – this way you’ll have no hassles if you ever want to change your web host or designer.

I can certainly do it for you. You’ll still be listed as the owner and I’ll give you all the details you need to transfer it if anything ever happens to Maxshmax Web Design.

.com names are traditionally the best

People will try first if they're guessing your address. I charge $20/year for .com’s, and it’s a bit cheaper if you do it yourself.

Country specific domains:

If the site is for your business you may want a country specific domain, in Australia for example. It may give people more faith in your site and your business as a registered business name is generally required to register a country specific domain. I charge $45/2years for’s, and it’s a bit cheaper if you do it yourself.

Other options

There's others if your .com is taken: .net / .org / .tv / .me and others. And just this year hundreds of new industry specific names are being released, eg: .build / .yoga / .tennis / .dad, these could become standards in the future so get in while your business name is still available.

It’s possible to register two or more domains and point them at your main site to catch a bit more traffic.


Your site needs to sit on a server. I can take care of it for $75au/year* or you can choose another company to host your site. You can certainly find cheaper hosting if you’re willing to maintain your site yourself, my fee also covers any time required to fix any problems that arise.

I use servers in Australia or America, depending on where most of your visitors will be from so your pages will load as quick as possible.

I use VentraIP in Australia and GreenGeeks in the US. Both companies offer green offsets for the energy their servers use to host your site, which may not save the earth but it's better than nothing.

Small print

* If you're going to offer files or music or video for download or if your site needs a lot of space it may cost a bit more, I'll let you know early if I suspect this.

Also if your site becomes very popular it will cost more – every visit to your site uses some bandwidth which isn't free, so if millions of people are visiting your site it will cost more to host.


All websites have email included, as many addresses as you need, but you don't need a site to choose your own email address.

Email only

For the price of a domain registration + $5/month or $50/year you can pick what's after the @ and as many what's befores as you want and keep them forever.

You can access your email normally or from any computer connected to the net, just like hotmail and gmail.

If spam ever takes over you can change any of your addresses before the @, no charge.

More personal

Get one for yourself –, one for your son –, and your mother in law –, basically as many as you want for $5/month.

And you won't have to change your email address every time you change your ISP.

More professional

Trying to clinch the deal using No chance. Hit em with Your sales team will need one too –, and your assistant –

No sales team? They don't know that.

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